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Please take pleasure in knowing that our products are hand crafted in the United States utilizing our proprietary glaze and clay formulas.
Through our process each piece is touched by no fewer than 16 sets of hands, ensuring our highest standard of quality.

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News & Events

Final Friday event to feature Rookwood artist Kevin Auzenne

Rookwood's Artist Showcase featuring the work of Kevin Auzenne. Rookwood will display a range of pieces featuring Kevin's hand-painted items, and he will be on hand to answer questions and to sign pieces. This event is free. ...

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Rookwood is now releasing our first dinnerware set in almost 100 years!

Timeless and classic in design, The Wareham Dinnerware Collection is now available for your dining pleasure.  From the Rookwood Archives, now available as the first Rookwood Dinnerware Set in almost 100 years, this exclusive Rookwood Collection fe...

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Valentine's Day Florist Collaboration

Don't miss out on giving your loved ones our unique Valentine's Day gift. Every floral arrangement comes in one of our beautiful Rookwood vases. Get yours at one of our three locations! This special event is available Saturday, February 13th and Su...

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