Thoroughly Modern: Inside Rookwood’s New Kenwood Store

By: usdp

Experience the Rookwood lifestyle in our new open-air space

Earlier this summer, we debuted our newest retail location in the Kenwood Towne Centre. The store is a unique “open-air” space located in the center of Kenwood’s bustling luxury wing, surrounded by neighbors like Nordstrom, Louis Vuitton, and Tiffany & Co. Customers and Rookwood fans flocked to the site, attracted by the open-air concept and the way our hand-thrown pottery and other ceramic products accentuate the sun-filled location.


The move to Kenwood is in step with the evolution of the American shopping mall—a movement that Forbes attributes to people placing a “high priority on experiences.” Stepping into the new space allows shoppers to experience Rookwood like never before: inside the airy site, shelves brim with a mix of handcrafted pottery and decorative ceramics. Corner to corner, it’s a curated showcase of the world of Rookwood, celebrating artistry and craftsmanship from our own Cincinnati Flagship Factory and Store in OTR.

Kenwood Store

The Kenwood setting enhances the sensorial experience, as well: situated beneath an oversized skylight, natural sunlight fills the store, highlighting our ceramics’ signature glazework. The store’s open format has the feel of an outdoor European market, giving people the ability to casually peruse. On opening weekend, customers and passers-by enjoyed the live hand-throwing demonstrations by Morgan Willenbrink and Lauren Thomeczek, who also signed pottery pieces—a special touch for new family heirlooms or one-of-a-kind gifts.


In an era that is decidedly digital, we continue to believe in the power of the palpable—that a brand can meaningfully connect both on screen and in person.


To visit our new Kenwood store, find hours and directions here.