The Bourbon King, Signed Edition


The Bourbon King: The Life and Crimes of George Remus, Prohibition’s Evil Genius

By Bob Batchelor (Diversion Books)


The epic tale of Remus’s life and times, The Bourbon King tells the story of a man who was a pharmacist, then became one of America’s top criminal defense attorneys, before turning to bootlegging. Remus created an empire by buying the bourbon distilleries on what is now The Bourbon Trail. He spent millions bribing government officials in the Harding Administration, directly tied to Attorney General Harry Daugherty and Harding’s “Ohio Gang.” And he created a roaring, opulent lifestyle that epitomized the Jazz Age over which he ruled. So extravagant was this Bourbon King’s lifestyle that his lush parties served as an inspiration for The Great Gatsby.

Love, murder, mountains of cash, bribery, political intrigue, rivers of bourbon, and a grand spectacle like few before it, the tale of George Remus transcends the era, providing readers with a lens into the dark heart of Prohibition’s Bourbon Trail, the thirst of the American people, and their fascination with crime.


Bob Batchelor is a critically acclaimed, bestselling cultural historian and biographer. He has published widely on American cultural history and literature, including books on Stan Lee, Bob Dylan, The Great Gatsby, Mad Men, and John Updike. Bob earned his doctorate at the University of South Florida. He teaches in the Media, Journalism & Film department at Miami University and lives in Cincinnati

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