Feature Palette // MEMENTOS

By: Rookwood Pottery

The Inspiration

Take a walk on the cozy side with the Mementos feature palette – a dreamy variety of colors inspired by the place you call home. Drink in the tender moments of a day spent basking in the comfort of your own space, welcoming the familiar sights and sounds that bring you peace.


The Palette

The radiant blues and neutrals are inspired by carefree gatherings under the clear blue sky with loved ones, and will allow the blissful memory of those moments to fill the most beloved corners of your home.

mementos mood board of glazes

Make It Your Own

Whether you resonate with the elegant rich grey of Box Canyon, or the varying textures of Misty Moon, each exquisite glaze is handcrafted to tell the story of your most treasured moments.


Explore Mementos

aegean glaze sampleblue flax glaze samplemisty moon glaze sample

1 Box Canyon // 2 Aegean  //  3 – Blue Flax  // 4Misty Moon  // 5Roman White