Grad Guide: Our Roundup of Must-Have Graduation Gifts

By: Rookwood Pottery

Major milestones call for meaningful gifts. Congratulate your grad with one of our handcrafted pieces—perfect for spring’s commencement season.

They aced their finals, and now, it’s time to throw the cap and toast to what’s next. Graduation season is a time for thoughtful reflection, fresh starts—and extra-special gifts. Whether it’s high school, college, grad school or a specialized program, our handcrafted picks carry an artful gravitas that honors the occasion. And best of all, they’ll endure for years to come.

Wish Granted:

Symbolizing good luck and dreams realized, our handcrafted Wishbone Wall Adornment is a unique and fitting gift for any grad’s coming-of-age. In a spectrum of vibrant hues and finishes, the toughest part is picking just one.

Top Brass:


There’s something indulgent about a gift with glint. Our Brass Candlesticks strike a note that’s both modern and vintage, featuring an hourglass shape that plays nice with any décor. Gift the high-shine pair to a grad who’s changing cities or moving into a new space. We especially adore them in the center of a dining table, or perched tall on a mantle.

New Chapter, New Digs:

Changing residences often follows commencement—and that’s where our charming ceramic House Numbers come in. Choose from a variety of frame options and glaze choices to add distinctive Rookwood style to your graduate’s abode.

Enduring Flame:


We love a candle to convey warmth, support and reflection. In a variety of gorgeous glaze finishes with our signature Maria scent—named for our fearless founder, Maria Longworth Nichols-Storer—the Morgan Candle is a go-to for any occasion. Think of it as a thoughtful gesture for whatever comes next—whether it’s a piece for entertaining, or a soothing accompaniment to next fall’s studies.

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