The Rookwood Cup

Rookwood Pottery has a long history with Cincinnati’s annual Western & Southern Open. When the tournament first began in 1899, Rookwood crafted gifts for the tournament champions. The Gentlemen’s singles victors won a Rookwood ale set. The Women’s Doubles first prize was a Rookwood amphora vessel.

Rookwood has had the honor of crafting the Champion’s Trophy, also known as the Rookwood Cup, since 2010. Since then, it has evolved through the years with three different versions.

This elegant form, designed by Roy Robinson, is adorned with tennis balls nestled in acanthus leaves and features the Rookwood Pottery and Western & Southern logos on the front of the trophy. Each year the trophy is painstakingly painted by Rookwood artist Deborah Smith, a process that takes nearly 2 and a half days to complete.

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