About Rookwood

In what is one of the more unique stories of art and architecture, Rookwood Pottery traces its roots in Cincinnati, Ohio back more than 100 years ago. World-renowned for impeccable design and craftsmanship, we continue to embrace this tradition of excellence with inspiring designs and original standards for exceptional quality.

Who We Are Today

The Rookwood Pottery Company prospered for years, yet fell victim to dramatic changes in the U.S. economy and the publicĂ­s ability to sustain artistic brands during such downturns. Yet the company never truly went away.

The company's assets, including over 3,000 master molds, secret glaze formulas, company notes, and perhaps most importantly, the Rookwood trademarks, were archived by several entities until a Michigan Rookwood collector, Dr. Art Townley purchased the remaining Rookwood assets in 1982. His personal sacrifice and belief that such an iconic brand could not be maintained overseas, preserved the history, the art and the prestige of the Rookwood Pottery Company.

In 2004, Dr. Townley found a passionate group of investors, who showed the commitment to keeping the brand in Cincinnati and restoring the brand to its glory. This agreement returned Rookwood to its city of birth.

Today, Rookwood Pottery provides artisan quality products - art tile, art pottery, corporate gifts and special commissions - for designers, architects, homeowners and businesses.